We exist as an interactive media and design company. Our services range from web design and marketing to motion graphics and post production.

Research & Analysis

A questionnaire is sent to the customer giving us the clients vision of their ideal website. With that vision in mind, we look at the trends and overall market to evaluate the competition our clients will be a part of.

Design & Development

Once we’ve got the grasp of what our client needs, we begin prototyping an interactive concept of the ideal website. Once approved, we begin developing the website for pre-deployment.

Testing & Deployment

Here we test the validity of the content and the functionality of the interactive elements that will aid in the keeping a positive user experience.

Post-Testing & Training

Congrats! Your website is now live, but it’s not over for us. Depidesign continues to monitor your website to assure that client satisfaction and customer-centric experience has been met. This includes maintenance and training.


– Questions Resolves Tedious Post-Development Issues! –


Depidesign provided exceptional service and was very accommodating regarding the edits that were required to improve the functionality of my website. Their cost structure was also very affordable and I definitely appreciate their attention to detail.

Karl Johnson Owner


I truly appreciate all the great work that Depidesign have done for daycare thus far. You have been highly honest and upfront and we have developed a great working relationship and that is something I sincerely hope to be able to continue doing in the future.

Shernelle Samuel Social Media Manager


My company logo was created by the talented folks at Depidesign and my customers were drawn to my site by the style and functionality of the logo. The hosting and maintenance of my website is seamless and the service and expertise of the staff is phenomenal. I highly recommend Depidesign, LLC to all of my friends and business associates.

Eudora Eudovique Owner/ CEO

Our Clients